What to say if I’m asked about my current salary

  • Be truthful about your compensation


What to say if I’m asked about my desired salary

  • If asked, you may disclose your desired compensation.
  • Don’t appear desperate or undersell yourself by saying “I’m out of a job; I’ll take anything! Undercutting your salary may hurt you in the future when you want to get back to previous salaries.
  • A good response might be: I will consider any reasonable and fair offer that is within your range.


How to tactfully discuss your job search and your interviewing status with other companies

  • It is an appropriate courtesy to let the Hiring Manger know that you are currently interviewing for other positions. If you have an offer on the table you can politely explain that you will need to make a decision soon as you have either a pending offer or an actual offer on the table.
  • Never use another offer to push the Hiring Manager into making a quick decision. Your intention is simply to inform them of your need to make a decision within a reasonable time frame.


When to negotiate.  Do I always need to negotiate?

  • You don’t always need to negotiate.  If you are presented a better opportunity and salary don’t negotiate.  Only negotiate if there are any items that concern you.
  • Only pick a couple of items. Don’t over do it.
  • Use a verbal off to negotiate. DO NOT negotiate a written offer.


How important are perks and benefits during negotiations?

  • If the salary is lower than your previous salary, you may want to weigh the perks, benefits, location of the job, commute time, etc. Any number of these items may compensate for a taking a lower salary.